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  • “I love the mix of electric and acoustic guitars. Gladius proves himself to be a master of both.”

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About Gladius

“Do Not Try This At Home” – Eddie Owen (Red Clay Theatre)

His musical journey began the day he was given an old Argentinian classical guitar.  He was 10 at the time.

And when asked years later he remembers feeling that something special was going to happen in his life as he touched each string. Although the dissonant melodies and chords Gladius (Andrew Connors) played then weren’t as profound and auspicious as he led himself to believe, that year was the beginning of his evolution as a guitarist.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, the South’s music hub, his repertoire of guitar stylings has grown over time to include classical, Spanish-flamenco, blues and heavy metal guitar. While he was classically trained under (Andrés Segovia protégé) Professor John Sutherland, he has also developed a passion for “shredding” some Van Halen like solos.

“Accomplished classical/flamenco style guitarist…totally shreds on the electric as well.” – Phil Keaggy

Along with the development of his instrumental skills, Gladius has evolved as an entertainer, taking his audience on a soulful and introspective journey.  Touring the USA since 2016, Gladius has mesmerized listeners nationally, at times sharing the stage with Grammy winners & nominees (Arrested Development, Phil Keaggy, Larry Mitchell) over the course of 700+ shows to date—including countless reappearances, due to ever increasing demand for his electrifying stage show.

In 2021, with the live music world more or less in hibernation, this award-winning musical mad scientist plows onward in the “lab”, undeterred, obsessively composing & producing afresh, and endlessly reinventing his craft, driven by influences classic and contemporary.

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Gladius is proudly endorsed by:

Morley (pedals) & Breedlove (acoustic guitars)

Latest Releases

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  3. 3. Only on Your Planet 0:42
  4. 4. While My Spanish Guitar Gently Weeps 0:48
  5. 6. Mystical Meadow III _ IV 0:39

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"The first type of music that actually goes 'Beyond the Riff.'" – Beyond the Riff

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